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Oct 15

VFD Benefits: How a Variable Frequency Drive Can Help Your Company

A Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) is a versatile piece of machinery that can be used in a wide variety of applications. They can be used in pumps, motors, conveyors, air handlers, fans, and more. Anything that needs a varying speed or acceleration can be handled by a VFD. These can be stand-alone drives or built […]

Oct 01

Designing Control Panels for Hazardous Locations

Hazardous areas might be different than many others due to the sensitivity of what’s being handled on site. But just like employees in any other industry, those who are regularly in hazardous locations or environments need to be able to rely on their control systems for safety, effective and efficient work processes, and for proper […]

Sep 09

Avoid These Issues With Proper Maintenance of PLC Panels

Multiple manufacturing and industrial industries depend on their PLC system to streamline machinery, maintain safety on their assembly lines, and monitor/automate both their mechanical assets and their entire network of machinery. So, as you can imagine, staying up to date with the updates and maintenance of PLC panels is a pivotal part of businesses that […]

Jul 09

Having Control System Problems? 3 Signs it’s Time for a New One

Improving your control system — even though it may be working smoothly for you at the moment — should be considered a regular cost of doing business. But knowing when your control system problems indicate that it’s time to an entirely new control system is a separate issue than continuing to fix what you’ve been […]

Jun 27

Benfield Control Systems and SPS (Switchgear Power Systems)

Benfield Control & Power Systems has been appointed by Switchgear Power Systems (SPS) as their exclusive distributor in the NY Metropolitan area!

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